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Experiments in Democratic Planning & Design - Solar system design for community garden Ekasi Project Green

The Alternative Energy Popular Education programme conducted at Workshop with community activists from Ekasi Project Green and other students & interested parties at a community garden in Vuzamanzi Primary School. The session attempted to make use of Freire's problem-posing methodology and some basic system engineering design approaches to collaboratively design a concept solution for the electricity requirements of the garden. The workbook and the proposed solutions from the team will be made publicly available soon!

Organisers at Ekasi Project Green and some high school learner's from Intlanganiso High school joined together for a design review for the community garden electrification plan. On this day the group calculated and planned where the various components of the system would be located and made decisions based on the priorities of use.

Lesson's From Ghana's Akosombo Dam - Big infrastructure, National Independence, Energy & Development

The Alternative Energy Popular Education Programme held it's first session at the South campus of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

In line with phase 1 of the programme's approach a documentary was viewed and accompanied with discussion and readings ranging from a critical reflection on Kwame Nkrumah's liberation through big scale industrialisation to the social impact of dams on rural communities with respect to land displacement and the disproportionate impacts on gender.

Overall the debates were hotly contested and stretched from personal familial experiences with displacement to examples of recent communities in the Eastern Cape who have been able to fight this off against mining corporations.