About / The Alternative Energy Popular Education programme was born as one of the three programmes under the "Student consciousness" project run under the Center for Policy and Development (CEPD) facilitated by Centre for Integrated Post-School Education and Training (CIPSET) at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.


At it's minimum, the concept for the Alternative energy popular education programme aims to make use of critical pedagogy methodologies to facilitate transdisciplinary spaces between school going youth, university and TVET students along with community activists in dialogue on questions of energy as it relates to production, service provision, ownership and “work” with a focus on renewable energies.


The ongoing activities will seek to use the thematic of “energy” to discuss historical inequality, colonialism and the possible paths ahead. By making use of different layers of engagement from documentary screening, plenary discussion and a practical project the workshops will aim to develop capacity within these various spheres to help bolster progressive youth and community organizing, professional and everyday resistance.


In partnership with Cape Town based community radio station Radio 786, the Alternative Energy Popular Education Programme hosts a regular show during the “786 ways to save the planet” segment discussing local and global conversations on Alternative energy, “Just transition”, and contemporary debates around everyday experiences of basic service delivery relating to the provision of electricity and water.

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